About Us

  Tianjin Tengteng Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.is a national high-tech manufacturer, located in Tianjin which is beautiful, coastal and directly under the Central Government. Our company was established in 1995, focused on production, research and sales of precision optics. Over two decades, our company has become one of the leading manufacturers of optical components, crystal components and optical assemblies in China thanks to our team’s efforts and support from our customers. Our products have been exported to many countries and regions in the world. We achieved a good reputation and comment with top grade products and considerate service from home and abroad.

  Our company has a modern production facility covering 3000s.q. with a staff team of 110 people. Our products mainly consist of optical lenses, prisms, optical windows, precision flats, waveplate, optical filters, customized components, special components, lens assembly, etc. Products’ wavebands cover ultraviolet, visible light, near infrared, intermediate infrared, and far infrared. Products are widely used in optical equipment, teaching, industrial lenses, camera, video shooting, automation, medical, measuring and surveying equipment, military, aviation, astronomy, etc. We are advantageous in a variety of processing, high precision products, excellent manufacturing capability and short lead time; and orders of any quantity are acceptable for us. We have more than 120 equipment in total, ranging from coarse grinding to coating. The diameter scope of processing can go between Φ0.8~Φ300mm. Materials involve optical glass, ultraviolet fused quartz, calcium fluoride, magnesium fluoride, barium fluoride, monocrystal silicon, monocrystalline germanium, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, colored glass, etc. Our quality control rests on a strict quality control process and state-of-the-art testing equipment, which include sphericity interferometer, flat interferometer, curvature apparatus, focometer, angular instrument,vector altimeter, spectrograph, etc. Product gloss finish and appearance inspection rest on accent light, cold light source, spotlight, magnifying glass, microscope, etc. A strict product test criterion is in place, and we’ll make accurate judgment and handle according to customer’s drawings. We achieved the IS09001 Quality Management Certificate in 2006, and our skilled inspection team meets the requirements of National Standard, US Military Standard and ISO Standard, ensuring products’ compliance with the drawings prior to delivery.

  Our company has the independent import & export right, and can discuss business, research and cooperate with customers all over the world. We’ll become a reliable partner based on quality products, timely delivery and info feedback. We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers around the world and to realize a win-win goal and mutual benefits.

  Tianjin Tengteng Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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